I’M TIRED But You Can Help

Here we are once again speaking out about “police brutality”? Or as I like to say MURDER. 
It doesn’t help that “Our leaders” of today continue to fuel racist agendas. Racism and acts of violence aren’t anything new but it’s finally is being recorded.
It’s suffocating and draining and as a black man living in America I’M TIRED! I’m tired of seeing the videos of innocent lives taken like #BreonnaTaylor 
#malikwilliams #TorreyGreen
I’m tired of the murders like #AhmaudArbery #GeorgeFloyd I’m tired of seeing people like #AmyCooper calling the police on innocent people playing the victim knowing their lives are at risk. I don’t want to be the next hashtag! 

For many of you these discussions may make you uncomfortable and I use to be the same way I hated discussing race topics but why? Because it made others around me uncomfortable but the more I learned about these movements and protest the more I wanted to be part of them! I’m not going to educate adults on the purpose of the protest or what #BlackLivesMatter is and how it’s NOT ANTI WHITE that’s up to you to do your research. 

For my non black friends especially those who are “influencers” use your platform! Align yourself with brands that support causes that you actually believe in. If you’re worried about losing sponsorships because speaking out is too “controversial” for their brand that’s a clear sign 
they’re not for you & where we don’t want to place our dollars.

We don’t want your support if it’s not genuine! Don’t show up or donate to make yourself feel better. Save your ego! 

I’ll continue to use my platform I dont care about  losing followers because my “race post makes you uncomfortable”. It’s several ways you can be an ally other going to a protest, you can donate. Speak up when your friends/family make racist comments or try to silence you for speaking out about racism. Remember you can be an ally without having to prove that you're "one of the good ones." We don’t need your repost without actually speaking up because it shows it’s not genuine and we can see through clout chasers. As an ally you don't need to be acknowledged or thanked. This isn't about you. ‬
Just realize it’s so much we can do when we apply pressure!

Below it’s several ways you can contribute and educate yourself. Please do not donate to anything organized by Shaun King!!!


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