How To A Make Vodka Infused Jolly Rancher Slushie

Happy Monday guys!

Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow and since most of us are still on lockdown we can’t really go out and celebrate as we normally would so I’ve decided to have my own Cinco de Mayo party at home. I’ll be making my favorite Mexican dishes and sipping on a delicious drink.

Blue Ice Vodka  sent over some bottles and I was so excited to experiment and bring out my inner mixologist. If you follow me on social media channels you’d see I love very sweet, fruity and beautiful looking drinks. 

I bought two packs of jolly ranchers I’d recommend two or more depending on the flavor you desire just remember there will always be more of cherry flavor than any other flavor.

You’ll separate the Jolly ranchers by color then pour in a mason jar, then pour your vodka about an inch above the Jolly ranchers I used Blue Ice Vodka  but you can use the vodka of your choice. 
You’ll set the jars out for about 24 hours letting them to dissolve I left mine for over 48 hours. 

In the meantime you can make your simple syrup which is easy just use equal parts 1 cup of Water and sugar. You can choose white granulated sugar or Raw brown sugar it’s preference.

After your candy is fully dissolved You’ll toss in the blender add ice and some simple syrup this was a little trial and error for me so if you like your drinks on thicker slushy slide then add more Ice. For layering drinks without one color falling into the other I froze them one at a time for about 10+ minutes until I got my desired results.

Would you try out this drink? Let me know your thoughts and how you’re celebrating Cinco De Mayo.

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Cheers! 🍹 


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