How To Make Dalgona Coffee

Happy Saturday!

Since being on quarantine I’ve been getting creative in the kitchen cooking and trying new recipes. I just happen to come across the latest trend that has social media buzzing which is Dalgona coffee. 

Since I have all the time in the world I figured why not give this a try! 
I’m not a huge coffee drinker but I do really enjoy sweet coffee drinks and the recipe only requires 4

I used 4 packs of Folgers Instant Coffee but any brand works as long as its instant coffee works.

4 tbsp of sugar
Milk - Almond Breeze

So it’s two different ways you can make this using a whisk or a hand mixer. I didn’t have a hand mixer so I used a whisk which takes longer and you’ll have to whisk for about 5minites or so. What many of the reviews I watched failed to mention is that if you’re using the hand whisk you’ll want to add less water. I read many say 2 tablespoons but I’d say just slow put in water little by little to get a nice consistency.

Once it’s fluffy you’ll want to pour milk over ice til it reaches close to the top then top it off with the coffee and wallah you have your homemade easy Dalgona coffee! This can be done hot or iced.

I tried the same recipe but instead of coffee used hot chocolate the coffee was a better consistency but still tasted great next time I’ll use another pack.

Have you tried it yet?
Do you think I pulled it off?
 Let me know your thoughts 


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