How To Get To Positano and Amalfi Coast On A Budget

I must admit I never knew The Amalfi Coast existed until I heard Jay-Z's rap verse on BeyoncĂ©'s "Upgrade You" the bougie guy in me desired all things luxury so after much research I found this beautiful picturesque vacation spot located in Italy that's a go to favorite destination for the rich and famous, although I'm not rich or famous that doesn't mean I can't soak up the sultry Italian sun like one.

Town of Sorrento
In this guide I'll tell you how to get to the Positano and Amalfi Coast for a nice day trip without breaking the bank. P.S If you'd like quicker route or a more secluded one you can always rent a car or hire a private driver which could get pricey during summer months.

I usually travel during off season when prices aren't as high and tourist are as plentiful, yes June. July and August are very popular times to visit but if you want to live luxurious on a budget you have to know when to do it! Visiting in the Fall or Early Spring are best times.

Getting to Positano and Amalfi Coast on a budget is no quick journey, If you're staying in Rome like I was, I'd recommend staying the night in Naples whether you get a Hotel/Hostel or Airbnb it'll definitely save you time and well money and you won't be as exhausted trying to get back to Rome after such a long adventure. P.s pack comfortable shoes!

Let's say you are visiting during high season, want to beat the crowd?
Get up early and go! During my trip the weather was perfect and the beaches weren't full of tourist photobombing my photos.

From the downtown Naples train station,
I took train from where I was to the Garibaldi Stop Go down the stairway in Napoli Centrale follow signs for Circumvesuviana there you can also buy your ticket to Sorrento or like myself I bought my ticket from the stop I was departing from. During this trip I didn't want to carry to much cash but some of these stations don't accept cards or big bills, NOTE their isn't a direct train that goes to Positano You'' have to connect at Sorrento (which is also a cute town). Take the train all the way to the Sorrento the last stop DO NOT get off at Sorrento di piano.

Getting to Positano
 After you make it to the last stop which is Sorrento you can transfer to Sita Bus which is located outside of the station. It's only about 2Euros. This bus runs maybe every half an hour so if you're coming during high season again get there early as trains and buses will be packed with tourist. Please check when the last Sita Bus runs and when the last train goes back to Naples. Another reason I say get up early and go is just incase you'd like to check out the town of Sorrento which is just as beautiful.

The SITA buses make 2 stops in Positano, one at the Chiesa Nuova stop at the top of town and another at the bottom of town, Sponda. If you want to get your hike on get off at the first stop but Sponda takes you to the main road.

It's plenty of places to shop and dine at in both areas, once I finally touched down in Positano I wanted to get my photos in then have a nice dinner with a view. Sadly the restaurant I did want to dine at was closed, during off season some of the restaurants do close.

Le Sirenuse is where I desperately wanted to dine at the views are sick! Here's an option for dining or if you need a hotel, note hotels in Positano and Amalfi are pricey during high season, during my trip though I did see some rooms under 100 bucks.

If you're in either places I would say rent a bought even just for a few hours it'll make the experience that much exciting, it's plenty of boat rental companies but if you're coming mid summer I'd reserve in advance.
Getting to Amalfi from Positano
You can take the Ferry which was about 20 euros or just hop back on the SITA bus and take it all of the way to the last stop.
Bonus when you land and Amalfi coast there is free Wi-Fi mostly all around.

The day trip cost less than 15 euros roundtrip.

Hope this guide was hopeful it's much more easier when you're in route as it'll make more sense. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.


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