Museum of Illusions a Hollywood Must Visit!

Happy Friday!

Visiting Hollywood for the first time or maybe you're local?
Well it's a new museum in town that you must visit!
Museum of Illusions is a fun interactive museum for everyone of all ages.

Located a block away from Hollywood and highland, I’d recommend street parking if you can find it or taking the train and walking over. This is perfect for groups or couples, if you don’t have your own tripod you can rent one for $7. They have several rooms and I love that they have examples hung up so you know what your picture should look like, my favorite room is the upside down room it is a 5minute time limit in each room so get strategic. Make sure you’re getting both the ceiling and the floor so your picture comes out perfect! Whether you're a local or visitor Museum of Illusions is a top rated pick do when visiting Hollywood. 

 6751 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Hours of Operation
10AM - 12AM daily. Last Entry 11.30PM.
        Contact- (800) 593-2902


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