My First Time Trying Float Therapy

Happy Friday!

Have you guys heard or Float Therapy or a Float Session?

I recently visited Pause Studio in Marina Del Rey to try out a Float Session and it was definitely an experience.
They gave me a tour of the studio and gave me a lot of information and how Float Therapy worked. Float therapy is used as a guide for relaxation, meditation, pain relief and better sleep. 
The sessions are all private so you could focus and gather your thoughts. 

Prior to my visit I didn’t know much about it but saw a few interviews which spoke about the many benefits it offers and was pretty excited.
This studio has 3 rooms for Float Sessions. I chose one of the pods, you’ll remove all of your clothes you want to be as light as possible. Once I entered the water I was pretty resistant, I don’t even know how to float when I’m swimming so it took me a few minutes to relax, usually I go to sleep with music on but during this session I turned off the music and the lights I was so at peace. It’s weird because I started having lucid dreams and was going in and out until my session was over.

After your session you should shower and
scrub pretty good I had to shower twice since I didn't know the salt water got me that good and I completely forgot about my hair which got super dry, I hope they forgive me for using up all of the conditioner ha! You’ll then enter the meditation room and have some tea, they also have an infrared sauna which is pretty neat and if you ever wanted to stop by for an IV Treatment they have those services as well.

I definitely recommend everyone to try it out at least once.
 Pause Studio is located 13353 Washington Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90066


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