Sparks In Spain and Portugal

Hey guys,

I've finally unpacked from my 3 week vacation in Spain and Portugal. It was such an incredible trip for the most part. I traveled with my close friend Unique, even though we've been friends for 10 years it was actually our first time ever traveling together. This was also our first time ever going on an international trip and not planning an itinerary it was fun but also risky as we would literally wake up the day of check out and figure out what new place we're traveling to. I didn't take any photos in Malaga my friend and I mostly relaxed during that part of the trip. I don't have photos from my Madrid trip either but I did post alot on Instagram so you could keep up with me there. @SparksNStyle

I'm not going to write out a full guide (unless you'd like) since I need to plan for my birthday which is Sunday.

Our trip definitely started off on a great note. This was my first time in Portugal and it was breathtaking I met so many amazing people there, I had locals giving me tips of places to go. On this trip my friend and I decided to stay at a hostel at first I was against it as I always viewed them as dirty and was worried about my belongings being stolen but it was the best deciosn we made of course we've saved ton of money but it's great for the social aspect we met some really cool people.

Wonderland Lisboa

At Wonderland Lisboa. Hotdog has only Carrots and chips I'm guessing this is Lisbon's style

Soaking up the sun in Malaga,Spain

Unique and I in the TukTuk it took forever for the bus to arrive.


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