The cheapest way to get to Tulum is using Ado bus it's cheap, easy and comfortable. However it's not very frequent. So I would double check the schedule. I paid about $250 pesos each way for Ado.

If the Tulum bus schedule doesn't work for your schedule and you still want a cheap way, you can catch a bus to Playa del Carmen but this will require more transfers.

You can always arrange for private transportation directly to wherever you're staying it'll just be a bit more expensive. I'd definitely recommend arranging your transportation before your arrival and not once you land. The airport will be congested with travel agents and tour guides trying to book your accommodations for you however booking with might be more expensive.

Where To Eat
First stop La Querida. This spot is located in downtown Tulum. It's a fusion spot with two different menus serving Mexican and Italian food. They're pretty cheap and have great drink specials.

For my Vegan and Vegetarian friends, La Hoja Verde is your go to spot. They have delicious smoothies, I tried this pesto pasta and my friend tried this curry dish definitely a spot worth checking out.

During this trip I wanted to lots of fresh fruits as another way to stay hydrated. So if you're looking for a nice Mexican market then you should stop by Frutas y Verduras Pool.
Want to try authentic Mexican food what better way to do this other than trying street food and you'll also save a pretty pesos as it's much cheaper than dining at restaurant in the hotel zone.

Things To Do
Laguna Kaan Luum
It's a cool inexpensive spot to visit, I believe it was only 35 pesos. The earlier you go the better chance of it being crowded and that's a perk if you want to take some amazing pictures. I went about 9:30am it wasn't super crowded but the crowd did start to come within 30 minutes.It's a small place so no need to spend more than an hour and a half here. I've never seen water so green yet clear it's a perfect spot if you're going with a group.

Grande Cenote

I had so much fun here snorkeling and swimming with sea turtles in the cave filled with bats flying all over my head. The price is about 165 pesos, if you'd like a locker that'll be an extra 30 pesos, I didn't have my ID so they tried to ask for an additional 100 pesos or give them my phone to hold. I simply refused. I read many reviews about how they never give back your deposit and act like they don't understand what you're talking about. I simply paired my belongings with another couple and we left it on the platform and had no issues.

Salsa Sunday
The beginning of the week seems pretty slow but their are still some fun things to do. La Zebra Hotel has different events going on throughout the week but Salsa Sunday is one you should definitely check out.

Their are many little shops indie shops around where you can buy souvenirs and beachwear.
When I travel to other countries I like to shop for things that may be more expensive in my country due to tax but I didn't find any major stores in Tulum to shop at.

Where To Stay
I stayed at an Airbnb it was a beautiful studio apartment with a cool infinity pool it was only a 10 minute cab ride away from downtown Tulum. Since my Thailand Trip I have really grown to enjoy using Airbnb you definitely get your money worth, although I will always love and continue staying at hotels. Airbnb offers a nice luxurious alternative stay especially if you're traveling with others who want to save more than splurge.

If you're traveling for a bit longer and don't have the extra funds to splurge you might want to stay at a Hostel.

I've never stayed at one but know plenty people who have, I've considered doing this on my next solo trip since I want to make new friends at the next place I travel to.

If renting out an apartment or sharing an room with other travelers doesn't sound appealing you could always get a hotel their are many beautiful hotels in Tulum.

Things To Know
As far as safety is concerned I had no issues getting around Tulum, I even walked back to my airbnb which end up being about 30 minutes. Mexico doesn't have actual street addresses so sometimes google map's directions aren't as accurate, so I got a little lost and it didn't help that their are no street lights, my phone's flashlight finally came in handy but I don't recommend traveling alone late at night by yourself.

The weather was pretty warm during the time even at night I walked around in shorts. I wouldn't trust what the weather app it was supposed to rain everyday I was there and thankfully it didn't.

As I mentioned in a previous post (Read Here) do not exchange your money at the airport the fees are much higher, you can order pesos beforehand  through your bank or you can go to a 24hr atm in Tulum.

If you're there for a short trip it's no need to pack a thousand items you most likely won't use and everything is more cheaper you can buy necessities there.

Practice common sense, I wouldn't carry lots of money around, when traveling to certain places I don't wear designer labels. I usually try to blend in like a like a local.
Also you're in Mexico please try to speak some Spanish yes you might be in a tourist filled area but not everyone understands English.
That's all I have for my experience if you have any questions feel free check out my other blogpost Mexico Diary where I gave a more in depth experience on my time in Cuernavca and Mexico City.

Next month I'll be off to Israel I'm very excited if any of you have any tips or places to go and most importantly where to eat let me know in the comments.