Traveling Light This Season In Banana Republic

Summertime sadness has finally begun and if you're traveling during the colder months it's time to invest into wardrobe pieces that not only keeps you warm and stylish but pieces you can wear for multiple occasions.

I'm a pretty minimal traveler, I'm too afraid of my luggage being lost so you can call me the king of carry on's. While I do love statement pieces lately I've been investing more into my wardrobe trading out the trendier pieces for more practical versatile pieces that I can wear on multiple occasions and hypothetically speaking if your luggage ever got lost by the airline.

I'm wearing Banana Republic's Cotton Cable-Knit Sweater no need for a turtleneck this season, this is a great neutral—and therefore versatile winter piece, wear it with a collared shirt underneath for a nice business preppy look or without one for a more casual look. I'd suggest you ditch the chunky sweaters for a lightweight knit sweater, they’ll be much easier to pack for your travels.

Pairing my knit sweater with the Aiden Slim Core Temp Pants I love these pants they're slim and have such a sleek look to them. They're perfect if you're traveling for business as they can be worn formally or casually. I've worn these in 90 California degree weather and they truly do hold up against extreme weather. I'm rocking some casual sneakers but you can always switch up the look by trading out the sneakers for some loafers or Oxfords.

Traveling light and keeping clothes practical saves much time and money especially if you're usually running late like myself. Last year I took a trip to Thailand and only packed enough clothes that’ll fill my backpack my friend on the other hand packed a huge suitcase filled with everything she didn't need nor wore.

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