Why I'm Over Fashion Week

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So this post is way overdue. Last year I attended Men's Fashion Week in New York, I was already dreading going since New York tickets were super expensive it was much cheaper to visit Guatemala than it was to go to New York, I was so close to not going.  I ended up going and my trip to New York was such a Success I met new people and strengthened business relationships which was the goal and I was even published in WWD!!!(SO EXCITING). Since I was a teenager I've always wanted to be a part of the fashion world, I've always pictured myself attending fashion shows of course front row haha! I knew some how, some way, I'd be part of it. I mean I was a model and later transitioned into being a blogger. I went to school to be a Fashion Designer and even at Vogue. my life still revolves around the fashion industry. Now with social media on the rise, the importance of having a following and not necessarily knowing anything about fashion is a dream killer. I truly hate the way this industry is going now people can easily gain access to fashion shows based on their following but not even truly knowing about these designers, collections or knowing who the editors are. It sucks for people like me who actually are knowledgeable about the industry, went to school for it, and interned at a major magazine. Seems like the trendy thing to do do at fashion week is wear the craziest outfits just want to be shot by street style photographers in hopes of getting into some type of publication.

I mean my complaints aren't just the type of people getting access to shows, nor am I jealous as I'm thankful to receive so many each year I'm left exhausted this year. I remember seeing a few bloggers I knew through instagram and we chat on social media all of the time but in person they don't speak and can be pretty cliquey or It's been several bloggers I've seen that once they become more popular and their following builds they get this sense of entitlement and act like they're above you which is off putting. I remember when I had lunch with this one now popular LA blogger and everything seemed cool until his following grew and he started hanging out with more known bloggers we'd see each other at events and he'd act like I was invisible which made things awkward and uncomfortable.

I just feel like the rise of social media and the influencer world is killing off fashion week and designers are no longer getting the publicity they once did during fashion week. Men's fashion week still isn't as major as regular fashion week but now many designers are moving their shows to different cities and editors are no longer attending. 

As much as I enjoy fashion shows I'll sit out a few seasons and focus on completing personal projects I've been working on.
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