Thailand Diary

I had such a wonderful time in Thailand, I enjoyed Phuket much more than Bangkok. I have to say, I really faced my fears . I’m no Michael Phelps, so I challenged myself to do water activities I was very afraid of.

Bangkok is perfect for people who enjoy the city life, the nightlife, Street food is everywhere. I noticed it was several 7/11 on about every corner! The ladyboys are strutting the streets honey!!!!  It's many massage parlors, heck, I roamed the streets of Bangkok like I was a local!A few days later my friend joined me and we didn't really plan activites out moreso went with the flow, which I kind of regret.  I really recommend planning out activities!

Whenever I travel, I want to try authentic food from wherever I'm visiting. I noticed many of the restaurants in Thailand were South Asian and Middle Eastern fusions. My objective though was Authentic Thai food. I did however make list of Cafes I wanted to visit like, The Unicorn which was very colorful inside. I visited the Siam shopping center mall which was so large it was overwhelming, I ate at Mo & Moshi cafĂ©, no one knows this but the actual ice cream I ate was $71!!!!!!!!!
I’ve never paid so much for Ice-cream in my life, only to not finish it all .But you only live once right?

 Nightlife In Bangkok I wasn’t able to experience nightlife because most of the clubs close at 2am . A cab driver took my friend and I to a club we didn't want to go to. Here's a tip... don't visit places that your hotel or cab drivers suggest, it's usually more expensive.

In Phuket the hot spot is in Patong beach when you arrive it seems like a huge block party everyone’s out of the streets, the bars are very live, the club promoters are very aggressive with trying to make you buy drinks. I’m more of a dancer than a drinker and it was pretty irritating whenever we walked into a bar and immediately we’d be followed and repeatedly asked if we wanted to order drinks. Basically if you don’t order drinks within 5 minutes, you have to leave.

Transportation is kind of tricky. You have the options of Taxis, Tut tuts, or Uber and many times if your tourist the taxi guys can will try to take advantage of that charge you ridiculous fees. So one night my friend and I decide to go out clubbing the taxi driver driver recommended a club which he took us to, my friend and I weren’t into the club and decided to leave  well he  decided not to drop us off at the location we originally wanted. One thing I’ve noticed about the locals like hotel staff at or drivers when you ask for recommendations majority of the time everything is more expensive and/or they get a commission for bringing you to the spot.

In Phuket I used grabcar more pricier than Uber but Uber Isn’t available in Phucket and cabs are more expensive. 

I have to admit I really enjoyed phucket much more than Bangkok I wish I would’ve went here first it’s so beautiful yet a bit more expensive than Bangkok but worth every minute of it.  For food and shopping I decide to just walk to different restaurants and try things I’ve never tried before I mean I’ve always ate Thai food but this time I really wanted to try meals I’ve never tried before.

I would definitely recommend booking an islands tour in advance as the bookings fill up very quickly.
 I visited a few islands Monkey beach, Krabi island, the James Bond island I can’t remember the other islands. I’ll just put this on the record I’m not a Michael Phelps in the water however during this tip trip I felt like I was facing my fears with water I went snorkeling and jet skiing

While in Bangkok I stayed in hotels, but while in Phuket I Airbnb’d which was super cheap! I wish I would’ve thought about doing this at the beginning of my trip. If you’re with a large group I recommend getting a villa.

Over all I do really recommend Thailand to anyone  and  everyone, it’s a very inexpensive place. I recommend going during the off-season between November and March. I wouldn’t recommend going during the summertime of June through August it’ll be more expensive and more humid and  most likely raining. I enjoy traveling during off season when it’s less tourist and the weather feels appropriate oh and flights and hotels are much cheaper. Something I was displeased to see was so many skin whitening products everywhere in every store. In a world where the European beauty is looked at standard it was offputting. I’ll definitely revisit Thailand again this time I’ll be more prepared 


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