10 Tips to Know Before Your Next International Flight

During my recent trip to Thailand and China I learned a few more things and wanted to share that with you all.

1. Moisturize Being on long flights and being in the air your skin is bound to get dry really fast. During my flights I like keep a small facial moisturizer handy to continually apply to my fast when it starts to get dry. 

2. Wardrobe
Pack solid/neutral items you can mix and match with one or two pairs of shoes. For extra space in my luggage I tightly roll up shirts and stuff them into my shoes. 

3. Drink lots of water
I know everyone wants to indulge in the booze on your flights but I suggest drinking more water than alcohol you’ll be more hydrated and less likely to suffer from jet lag.

4. Universal Chargers/ Adapters
The worst thing that can happen is once you get to another country your phone is dying and you can’t charge it up because your phone adapter doesn’t match their outlet. I remember being in Paris and left my adapter in the south of France let’s just say it made things very counterproductive.

During my trip to China I didn’t know I needed a visa to enter the country. ThankfulIy I was quick and well let’s just say things worked out in my favor and I stayed in China much longer than I should have been. Can you imagine being stuck at the airport for days? Don’t make the same mistake as me though, Check online to see if you can get an entry visa before you arrive to minimize time spent in lines at the airport. 

6. Carryon
I’m the king of Carry on, I like to know where my belongings are at all times.
Try to fit all belongings into a carry-on if possible. I’ve heard about too many luggage horror stories also it maximizes time at your destination.

7. Money Exchange
Don’t want until you’re at the airport or at your destination to exchange your money rookie mistake, the airport literally rips you off charging much more for this service, instead go to your local bank and order the currency ahead of time or go to a local currency exchange and take out some cash. Keep the money stored somewhere safe! 

8. Bank and Phone Company
One of the worst things that could happen is when you’re in another country and trying to make a purchase then your card declines Why? Because you forgot to tell your bank that you were leaving the country so they assume it’s fraud and freezes it. Don't forget to contact your bank to avoid roaming charges.

9. STEP Program
Enroll in the STEP program (Smart Travel Enrollment Program) when you travel abroad and log all of your trips there. If anything happens where you are, the local consulate/embassy will contact you and you will have priority to safety. 

10. Pickpocketing
In many countries pickpocketing seems like a sport so many are skilled at it. I’ve been a victim so I know how good they are.
Don't travel with a large bag, I was so against fanny pack until my friend gave me one to wear to go along with my Halloween costume and it came in handy. It’s flat and not easily detected.


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