Eating At Sharkey's Mexican Grill

Happy Saturday guys

Last week I stopped by Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill to try out some of their menu items and the Foodie in me was pretty excited. Upon arrival the staff were so friendly and helpful I can't stress enough how important customer service is to me.  

Sharky's is a cool fast casual Mexican restaurant might I add perfect for dates and large groups too. I skimmed over the menu and saw all of the yummy dishes I wanted to try BUT before I ordered I made sure I downloaded the Sharky's App to accumulate points. How it works is for ever dollar (pretax) you spend you'll receive a point, Spend $100 and you'll receive $7 worth of Sharky bucks isn't that cool? I mean who doesn't love reward programs?

Oh and here's a tip when you check in you'll receive a free meal after your first order but you must download the app first to receive this offer!

Now onto the dishes first came out the BBQ pizza I demolished this whole thing and for all of you thin crust pizza lovers this is perfect for you.

Next up I had the Grande Nachos with chicken they have different sizes can you believe I ate this thing up also? Yes I love food that much! The melted cheese was so gooey and the chicken was so tasty! You know I had to have guacamole and salsa verde with it!

The last dish I tried was a piece of the burrito my buddy Justin actually demolished it while I was tearing away at the other menu items.

Don't forget to grab you a delicious Agua Fresca I snagged the watermelon flavor geez  so good! Now I know where to go for a refreshing drink on a hot day.

Download the app and find the location nearest you! 


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