Kickin it In Reebok Classics

Hey guys,

 Great news; I'm teaming up Reebok Can't wait to show you how I rock my Classics. Reebok gave me the plug! Disclaimer: this post contains tracking links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. All opinions and views are of MY OWN. Enough of that, back to the shoes, shall we?

So, everyone has their own list of best feelings like EVER right? My top 3 would definitely be
 1. Checking my alarm clock and realizing I have a bit more snooze time before I get up in the morning
2. Walking out of class on the last day of school
3. Prancing around in new kicks!!!!
4. (bonus - because I have an entire list) :)

My favorite part about the classics is definitely the nostalgia. No matter my age, whenever I get a new pair of Reebok's it just takes me back to the good old days. The time my older brother brought home these fresh white kicks that had me so jealous. I of course, got a pair a little bit later and walking into school with my new shoes and the big bright smile on my face was the greatest!

These shoes are seriously versatile. I was super excited for them in the 90's and now its 2017 and I STILL smiled from ear to ear first day busting these babies out of their shoe box. As a busy guy running around set for hours, having comfortable shoes is a MUST. The fact that they're stylish enough for me to go out for drinks in West Hollywood right after work and not run home to change my shoes is the cherry on top. Grab your pair HERE


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