Sizzlin Steak at the Glendale Galleria

Hi guys,

So a few days ago I stopped by the Glendale Galleria to check out a fairly new restaurant called Sizzlin' Steak It's located upstairs in the upper food court near Bloomingdale's actually right across from blaze pizza.

Sizzlin Steak is a fast casual Asian fusion restaurant serving dishes such as Pasta, Ribeye and a few yummy Filipino dishes. 

Justin tagged along with me to try out some of their menu options.

First we started off with their beef plate, it comes with white rice but I wanted Kimchi rice with an Egg on top. Eggs usually make everything look and taste better lol.
Justin and I both equally loved this dish.

Next we tried the Sizzlin Salmon Plate, I ate the salmon so fast and I was shocked it was only $12.99 that's such a great price for a Salmon Plate. As a personal prefererence I enjoy my pasta with a little more flavor but this is LA and everyone's very health conscious so it's perfect for those people.

Next I tried out the Nachos on the appetizer menu, Nachos have always been a go to for me since I was a kid and their's didn't disappoint heck these are the type of nachos that should be at the movie theaters.

Lastly I tried their Root Beer Float I rarely drink soda but this was a nice treat for me that wasn't overly sweet either just make sure you have some napkins with you as it might explode haha!

Make sure you check out Sizzlin Steak in the Glendale Galleria Mall 
Check them out on Instagram @SizzlinSteak 

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Photos by Justin Shudo 


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