4th of July looks in Old Navy


The Fourth of July, July 4th or better known as Independence Day is a federal holiday in the United States celebrating signing of the Declaration of Independence. Long story short the U.S was no longer part of the British empire.

Most people celebrate this day by throwing barbecues with their family and friends and dressing up in our flag's colors which are red, white and blue showing their love for our country.

Continuing my partnership with Old Navy I'll show you my cool threads to complete my 4th of July outfit.

I'm a huge fan of polos and I was so happy when I received this Polo In my Summer Welcome Box from Old Navy, what's cool about the polo it has a small American flag on the sleeve. 

I wanted to go for a more subtle look vs a super all American one as most people do during the Fourth of July, I wanted my outfit to be pretty versatile where I could still wear this in every day life not just on the Fourth of July so I snagged these Old Navy Skinny Jeans

To top off my 4th of July look I'm rocking these  Lace Up Canvas Sneakers with the American flag on them now that's showing some true American pride.

I also threw on some red, white and blue bracelets to add more flair to my outfit.

What do you guys think about my outfit?
It's not too late to grab your 4th of July gear from Old Navy.

Show off your Old Navy outfit and use the Hashtags #OldNavyStyle and #SayHi 

Shop the looks by clicking the links below 
Polo ---> Shop

Canvas Sneakers ---> Shop

Similar jeans ----> Shop

Shot by Devin Nielson


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