On The Go with Dove Men's Elements

Hey guys,

Do you live an "on the go" lifestyle? Recently I've been doing a lot of traveling, last month I was Paris I even attended a few shows during fashion week, later I went to Germany and last week I supposed to visit Mexico but silly me I missed my flight which was the last flight of the night.

I've been doing so much traveling and I needed new body products that could compete with my on the go lifestyle. I recently tried out some new products from Dove Men's Elements  

My favorite has to be the Dove Men's Dry Antipersiprant spray which has such a natural scent and holds a 48hr protection to keep me smelling good and dry. I have been using this faithfully, it's even the perfect size to fit in your gym bag or your backpack to take with you wherever. 

The New Dove's Element line offers a combo of ingredients such as Sage and Minerals, Charcoal and Clay, and more to leave you feeling and smelling great but at the same time still giving you protection against odors, dirty and leaving your body, hair and underarms feeling squeaky clean skin. 

Click the link to shop Dove's new Elements line here ----> Dove Men's Elements


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