Germany Photo Diary

During my trip to Germany I went to visit my best friend Unique we've been friends for 8 years we met in Chicago during a photoshoot. As we've gotten older and getting into our career we've been doing some extensive traveling and moving around so barely have the chance to see one another anymore. So this trip I got the chance to visit her in where she now lives and finally got the chance to meet her boyfriend in person for the first time.

For transportation I actually used a carpooling service called Blablacar is similar to Uberpool for its perfect for last minute trips and much cheaper than a flight or train. It was about a 4/5hour drive from Paris.

Upon arriving to Cologne I seen it was a pretty diverse place with a very laidback chill lifestyle and I could definitely see myself living there. If you're in California, NY or even London everyone's dressed to impressed I feel like many people especially in LA tend to try to hard to fit in or carry this facade and in Germany it felt like a place you could just call home.

Day 2. I went out to shoot some content around cologne Unique & Fabian are both models but have transition as Vbloggers. You can check them out them out on Youtube -> 2OceansMeet
Views from outside their apartment

 So I went to their other apartment in Cologne to do product shots at their second apartment which is the perfect Instagramy apartment.

In between shooting some content we went to this little Asian restaurant, I had like a lunch special I didn't want to get full as we were going to do more shooting around Cologne.

I'm wearing this amazing coat by Brandenstein a Clothing company based in Spain.
The coat's colors were perfect for spring!

Every time I travel somewhere new I like to eat like locals I wanted a nice German meal so
Unique and I went to the market to get Schnitzel and some other food for her to cook unfortunately she doesn't speak/read German so she end up getting some vegan food and I'm not about the vegan life right now ha!

Night life
Later than night we went out to a local club but this night we walked in and it was so empty no one was there and it was about 1am already I was upset since we already since we already paid a cover charge is about like €10 so because of a waste of money we left for an hour to another bar which was down the street then we walked around It wasn't that many like dancing clubs more bars. I was hungry so we went to grab some gyros, leaving the restaurant about 3am we went back to the club and it was about 30 people in the club not sure what happen this night why it was so dead maybe because carnival just happened and everyone's exhausted from partying then.

Day 3.
It was a pretty cold and rainy day but I finally went to visit the Cologne Cathedral which was pretty breathtaking note to tourists the theater does not allow backpacks am so your you won't be able to answer if you have a backpack I know this sucks for a lot of tourists especially if you're getting off the train but they do not allow backpacks at all inside the theater all.

This time around I didn't take as many photos as usual since I was taking more videos and I'll be editing videos from my Paris and Germany trip soon!
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