6 Tips to Get Closer To Your Summer Body

Stay Hydrated
Drinks lots of water not only does it cleanse your body but also clears up your skin. I usually put 3-4 bottles of water in my backpack. I have this water bottle by sprezzabox that I can just easily clip on my backpack. Water is life I swear your skin will be glowing once you put the soda down.

Try going for a daily walk/jog, I usually go walking 2x a day for 30mins. Results of course don't show up overnight but with consistency your peers will definitely start noticing the results before you.

Get More Sleep
I recently discovered the iPhone bedtime app where you can set the "Bedtime and "Wakeup Time" which keeps track of how many hours you've sleep. The app actually monitors and records your activity. I like that you can put in a certain times and it'll tell you how many hours of sleep you'll get. It motivates me to try to get 7,8 hours of sleep on most nights.

Prep Food
If you live a busy life like me it's easier to order takeout rather than grocery shopping but I've been getting home a bit earlier and just to prep meals whether it's for the next day or few days in advance. I would also pack snacks with you and at least 2-3bottles of water with you so when it's time to eat you're not starving and will eat way more than you should and end up feeling bloated afterwards. 

Me Time
When I think of my dream summer body I don't just think of my ideal weight but the overall package like my skin glowing and looking super clear. I think everyone should take care themselves by monthly regular facials and massages. If I'm working onset sometimes we're filming 12-16 hours days so I'm on my feet a lot which causes dry skin and even worst callous so I try to get a monthly manicure and pedicure keep my nails looking neat and get rid of dead skin because nothing is sexy about having on your feet. 

Those are a few my of my personal tips that work for me remember you won't see results but slow and steady wins the race. 
Have a great weekend!

Outfit Details.
Shirt - Nike
Joggers - H&M
Socks - Bedform and Broome
Shoes - Zara
Water Bottle - SprezzaNyc
ArmBand - SmartReq

All accessories can be purchased from Sprezzabox over $100 worth of products for only $28 a month use code "SparksNStyle" for 10% off of your first purchase 

Photos by Justin Shudo


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