El Monte's Finest Mexican Food.

I Stopped by Teresa's  a few days ago with my friend Justin.
Teresa's Mexican Grill is Located In El Monte It's a nice family friendly mom and pop restaurant with a great authentic taste and feel. 

The staff Eddie and Miraya were very friendly!We tried out a few different things from the menu. 

The Pambaso it was my first trying trying but they were definitely delicious.

The tacos  I mean who could resist tacos? Perfect for those taco Tuesday's!

The deep friend burrito was simply delicious I so wanted more!!
 It Was my first time trying the burrito mojado with their signature green tamatillo & red guahillo salsa.

Justin and I didn't leave disappointed. We also tried the chocolate cake and yummy flan. Eddie even brought out Michelada's for us to try and I loved the shrimp.

 It's a great place I'd definitely recommend checking out, I'll be back soon to try the Carne Asada fries and something from breakfast menu. 
Check them out on social media Teresa's Mexican Grill 

Photography by Justin Shudo


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