What To Wear For A Holiday Part 2. Partying with Coworkers/Collegues

Hey guys!

So I'm back with Pt. 2 of my Holiday series in collaboration with H&M.
I decided to go for a more relax and comfortable look. It's nice to get all dressed up for events but sometimes it gets tiring and it's nice to see colleagues/coworkers dressed down for a change.

In one look I'm wearing a sweater over a long sleeve shirt with jeans and sneakers by adding the sweater still gives it sort of a business casual look.

Now if we move onto the second look the only thing I changed was switching out the sweater for my jacket and my jeans are ripped in the knees. Throwing on a leather jacket over your outfit is a safe look to me especially if you're going out for drinks with friends it's a nice look of not over dressed but certainly not underdressed. 

Well hope you enjoyed reading stay tuned for my favorite and final look of the series

All wardrobe is provided from H&M shop  ---> Click Here

Photography by Justin Shudo  


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