Backpacking with SWISSGEAR

This summer I've been doing so much traveling whether I'm traveling back to France, Vacationing in Barcelona or visiting New York for Men's Fashion Week. I've always been an "on the go" type of guy. 
My friend recently came into town from France and wanted to do a last minute Vegas trip. I usually don't like to carry much luggage for short trips and weekend bags can be pretty exhausting after carrying them in your hands for so long. 
Thankfully I discovered SwissGear Backpacks I was pretty shocked how spacious the backpacks were and the different compartments where you could put your tablet, Laptop, adapters and more.
A lot of the time I take metro train so it's pretty great to give my arms a rest switching out my messenger bag for a spacious and stylish backpack.

Check out the full collection Here 

In collaboration with SWISSGEAR
Shot by Damien Dear


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