Paris Photo Diary

                  Places to Visit
Eiffel Tower  - Of course everyone has to visit this place or it'll be like you've never really been to Paris.

Du Louvre - This is another famous destination in Paris make sure you go inside the museum but take my advice Mona Lisa is much smaller than she appears. Btw it cost €15 for non Europeans and free for Europeans at least French residents.

Arc De Triompe - Another breaktaking place to be right in the center of everything and in walking distance from the metro. 

Versailles - Weirdly even after living in France this is a place I still haven't visited.

Catacombs - This is a place I still have never been to after so many times of being in Paris and I wanted to go this time but no one wanted to get dirty so I was the odd man out.
            Where To Shop

Champ-Èlysées If you're a shopper or food like me or just enjoy a nice seen where the action is always going on this is a must see place to be and shop!

Chatlet Les Halles - If you're taking the metro make sure you get off at this stop hopefully you don't get lost like I've done in the past but here you'll find this is another place to shop and dine.
Louis Vuitton - Even if you aren't going to buy anything just step inside this gigantic beautiful building!!! 

                   Places To Eat
Cerealiste - Eating cereal is quite normal in America but I loved the concept of a cool place to hangout listen to great music and eat cereal. You have a variety of cereals to chose with yummy toppings and they offer different milk options.

Starbucks - Okay don't judge I know Starbucks isn't really a yummy place to eat but as an American blogger I enjoy my wifi but I actually enjoy coming to Starbucks because they serve pancakes and in Starbucks in the U.S we don't have that.

Cafe De Paris - I came here after shooting one morning the food is really great and the staff were really nice they have menus in English too.

I rarely do touristy things when I travel but when I go to Paris in the fall I'll be sure to take photos of more exciting places. I snapchatted most of them but forgot to save the photos 

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