Birthday In Belgium and Lost Wallet

This past weekend my close friend and I decided to take a trip to Belgium since I was in Europe already and have never been to Belgium and she was celebrating her birthday that weekend  it was perfect for the both of us. Unfortunately on the way there I end up losing my wallet I believe it fell out of my jacket. Losing my wallet really made me sad and want to leave Belgium I had over €400 euros in cash, my bank card, pictures and gift cards the whole thought of having to replace my cards, get a new ID and even fearing I won't be able to visit other countries since I didn't have my debit card to make purchases with. The thought of losing wallet really messed up my mood but I had to change my mindset and realize it's nothing I could do and I needed to move on complaining about my wallet wouldn't make it appear. I decided to look at the positive I was happy and surrounded by people who cared about me and should be thankful for the little things I do have things like my wallet and the money I lost could always replaced. Changing my mindset from negative to positive really helped me enjoy the trip after all. Okay enough about my wallet and more about the town
Bruges is a small town in Belgium it's impossible to get lost even if you do which happened to us you're sure to find your way back back easily.

The first day arriving in Belgium it was raining so my friend and I pretty much stayed in our hotel which was at the Pand Hotel doing things like having breakfast in bed and bubble bath jacuzzi's which was pretty fun.
It's a few cool things you can do while in Bruges like the Canal Boat Tour. Tickets cost €8. 

The city has many museums like the Choco Story/ Chocolate museum, Dali Expo Gallery, Expo Picasso, Memling Museum and Sint Janhospitaal, 20 churches and many more that I didn’t have time to visit. 

So if you are visiting Bruges for 2 days or more and want to visit most of the above attractions you should consider buying Bruges City Card but  I think 2days is enough get around.

Things to know also which I really didn't like about Bruges is that town turns down pretty early most shopping stores close about 5/6pm. Most restaurants stop taking orders the latest by 9pm but their are after hour spots to go to like Bistro Christophe.

Welp if you're considering visiting Bruges I hope this was a helpful guide filled with many tips to consider. 


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