A Trip to Vintage Grocers

Vintage Grocers Located in the heart of Malibu. Myself and a few other bloggers were invited to do a tour of their grocery store. As I entered the store I notice how interactive the owner was with the customers and just how tightknit the Malibu community is, seems like everyone knows one another.

For the first part of the tour we headed toward the produce section filled with tasty fruits & veggies which we even got a chance to sample. 
We were taken to back of the house where we had the chance to learn how to grind and  package sausages. It's pretty awesome all of their sausages are made in-house. It was a very cold but fun experience. 
After packaging the sausages we later sampled desserts they sold in the bakery department and went on to try their Kombucha. It was actually my first time ever seeing a Kombucha bar pretty neat I must say. 
After our tour we were taken next door to have lunch at Le Village Cafe which you can preview here ---> HERE I'll blog about it soon. Welp I'm boarding my flight soon off to Europe I go I won't be back in America until June so  
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