4 Ways To Benefit From The Sauna

I don't consider myself an expert in health and fitness these remember are my personal views and experience so always consult with a doctor beforehand.

1. Weight loss - Saunas are pretty known as a go to for weight loss. Since you'll already be sweating the calories away if you're consistent with your exercising and visiting the sauna frequently you can say hello to a new body in no time. 

2. Clear skin - The sauna is a great way to detox the body and open your pores to clear the skin. Most forget after getting out of the sauna it's best to rinse off in cool water to close the pores back up. 

3. Relaxes muscles - After a long intense workout the temperature in a sauna can help reduce muscle tension. Studies also reveal that it helps heart circulation 
P.s Don't forget to drink water before getting into the sauna you need to be hydrated.

4. Mediation - I think saunas are great place to a get a piece of mind, just to relax physically and mentally. I do yoga often and
enjoy the experience of being able to meditate in a peaceful manner undisturbed always leaving feeling much better. More should take advantage of the sauna in this manner.    

I also read a report that men who visit the sauna frequently have a lesser chance of getting cardia cancer of suffering from heart problems. 

Shot by CJ Johnson
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