Happy Thursday!

If you live in Los Angeles or ever visited you might be familiar with the super touristy museum known as LACMA. I finally got a chance to swing by and get a couple of shots in.

I've been into wearing black so much lately not sure why I believe it's the winter weather but I really love the sleek minimalistic luxe look. I was going for a fun classic sporty look, lately I've been wearing mores sneakers but I don't want to look athletic sporty more so fashionable sporty if that makes any sense Haha. I'd rather pair my sneakers up with chinos or jeans and throw on a sleek jacket like I did. Sometimes when I'm getting dressed I think how versatile is this outfit and can it be worn to a nice restaurant that has a dress code. 

Outfit details 
Coat - American Eagle 
Denim Shirt - Zara
Jeans - H&M
Sneakers - Reebok
Hat - Forever 21
Shot by - Damien Dear


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