Stacy Adams Style

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

What's one of the things you might notice about man?
Some might say his hair or finger nails. Most would definitely say his shoes. It's been said you can even tell a lot about a guy’s personality by his shoes.

I've partnered up with Stacy Adams recently, and I’m pretty excited; I've always been a fan of Stacy Adams  since I was a kid. Their shoes always made me feel like man.

I'm pairing up my Stacy Adam shoes with a blazer and trousers for a more business attire. Their shoes are very stylish, yet very affordable and comfortable.
They recently launched their new Instagram make sure you follow along at @StacyAdamsStyle #StacyAdamsStyle

Outfit details
Shoes - Stacy Adams
Blazer - @hm
Lapel Pin +SprezzaBox
Trousers HM
Watch - Arvowear


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