5 Tips to Know When Visiting New York City for The First-time

So on my recent trip to New York, I learned a few things that will definitely help me the next time I visit again, and hopefully everyone else out there!

I arrived at JFK at about 5:30am, the perfect time to beat traffic with all of the commuters. It was recommended to me NOT to take a cab from the airport, which can get really pricey. so I took the AirTrain to connect with the local trains to get me to Manhattan.

Transit Cost
Unknowingly, I had to pay $5 for taking the Air-Train, then to connect to the other stations you have to pay an additional price to ride their metro system. You can purchase a MetroCard for $2.25 per ride. Or you can get an unlimited ride MetroCard, which you can buy to cover 1, 7, 14, and 30 days. It's a little sucky they don't have 3 day passes; in addition to the $5 I just paid getting off the AirTrain I had to purchase a 7 day pass, which is $30. But if you don't already have a card, it's a $2 fee. I haven't even made it to the city, and almost $40 is gone, so plan wisely and figure out if it will be cheaper to pay the $2.25 each way or buy a week pass.

Subway vs Uber
I really don't recommend taking an Uber since most New Yorkers get around in the subway, but if you must get somewhere, yellow cabs are always available and seems like the same price as it would be to take an uber.

Enough about money, because I do have positive news for you,
For a city that never sleeps, New York train system real benefit is that it runs 24 hours. Whether you need to be somewhere bright and early, or leaving an event late night, the MTA has you covered. And the best thing about that is they have free Wifi at the train stations, even more of a reason to love New York subway system.

Food: $1 pizza

Are you a pizza lover or just on a budget? There’s so many local pizza shops where you can get two pizzas and a drink, all for under $4. I was on the go all the time while in New York, so didn't have much time to sit down and take food photos and give recommendation, but next time I have to try Cronuts!!

Sight Seeing 

If you want to visit Central Park, Times Square, 5th Ave or any major tourist attraction, your best bet is to go early in the morning for great photos to beat the other tourist and local crowd. But visiting these places at night also has a different vibe, so if you have time make sure it's on your to do list! I recommend check out the reviews of places to visit Trip Advisor
Those are a few of my trip and I hope they help, If you have any tips to share please feel free to comment
I'll be uploading my New York photo diary very soon thanks for reading!

Photos taken by Myself and Kara Nixon
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