Cotton Candyland at CremeBee in Alhambra

Happy Monday, Everyone!

I stopped by CremeBee in Alhambra to satisfy my sweet tooth. They serve a variety of frozen yogurts & ice cream filled with different toppings, from cotton candy, to honey, toffee and more.

This place deserves a 10 star rating for the cleanliness and décor, which wasn't too over the top, but I did enjoy the honeycomb paintings on the walls.

First I tried the Cloud 9, it was really cool seeing how the cotton candy is spun, then placed on to the frozen yogurt then drizzled with honey. I do recommend eating the candy cotton and frozen yogurt separately; it just tastes better separately.

The Volcano is perfect for the chocolate lovers out there. It has Ferrero chocolate on top, with chocolate syrup drizzle, and coco rice crisps.
The staff was really friendly & helpful perfect place to come on a hot sunny day! 

You can visit 

137 W Main St, Alhambra, CA  91801

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