Men's Essentials Monday

Happy Monday!

A new month is approaching which means a new month to start fresh full of opportunities of change whether that's starting a new career, hobby or even adding more accessories to your outfits. Accessories are small details that can transform the most basic outfit more appealing which will make such a huge difference in your wardrobe. 

My new monthly package arrived from SprezzaBox  and I'm so excited this has to be  favorite box thus far. My favorite color is blue and the white color coordination makes it so easy to pair with my wardrobe.

I'll show you how I styled my outfit from this month's Bleecker Box new week on the blog.

You can get all of these accessories to your doorstep every month by visiting SprezzaBox use my code "SparksNStyle" to get 10% off of your purchase.

#GetDapper #SparksNStyle. 

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