6 Ways to Stay Cool and Hydrated in The Heat.

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It can be exhausting working out and trying to stay cool. The summer may be coming to an end but if you live in a state like myself where it's warm all year around then you know the struggle. I've gathered up some tips to help you stay cool during these hot months. 

1. H20 

One of the effective ways of staying hydrated is drinking water before, during and after your workout. Water is so important it also clears up your skin, prevents and reduces acne and dark eye circles. When I'm usually on the go I try to pack at least 4-5 bottles of water with me. 

2. Swimming 

Ditch the heat and hit the pool. Why not stay cool and get a workout in at the same time? Swimming actually strengthens your arms, legs, shoulders, and your butt. 

3 Late night / early morning workouts 

I enjoy exercising in the morning or late at night. It tends to be more enjoyable for the simple reasons if I'm going for a run it's usually less people and more peaceful outside, also I don't have to deal with the sun beating on my skin making me hot and sweaty. If you're heading to the gym it will most likely be even less people there. 

4. Fruits and Coconut Water

Fruits such as bananas are rich in potassium. Coconut water another great source that's rich in potassium and electrolytes.  

5.  Ditch the soda and alcohol 

Soda with caffeine actually dehydrates you and that's the opposite of what you want. Alcohol much like soda will increase your need to urinate, and combined with sweating while working out, can lead to dehydration.

6. Checking your urine 

I know this may sound a gross but paying attention to your body Is very important to know if properly hydrated your urine should be a light yellow color. If it's dark then you definitely need to drink more water.

I'm not a nutritionist or personal trainer but some of the advice I receive is from friends that are personal trainers and I always go to them for advice. Everything from meal plans to different protein drinks to try.

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