All About That Tie

Happy Wednesday!
Today days blogpost is featuring this snazzy tie from Bows-N-Ties they have pretty cool accessories from bow ties, lapel pins, square pockets and more.
The great thing about accessories is they can make a really simple outfit pop. 
My tie is the perfect accessory to compliment my attire as I was going for a more a business casual approach.

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Summer is here and it gives me the perfect excuse to wear bright clothing. My tie and belt are both orange and blue. My pants are a lighter shade of blue which just screams summer time I didn't want to be too loud, so I paired it with a lightweight  sweater. I went with Tan Goldcup Bellingham's.

Outfit Details 
Shirt H&M
Pants - American Eagle
Shoes - Sperry Gold Cup collection 
Photographer - Alex Owen


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