Creative Director

Hi Everyone,
So I had the opportunity to design the second collection for a streetwear brand. Sex Addict Clothing. The name is pretty risqué but being sexy sells in the fashion industry ha! It's an LA based unisex brand.
For their second collection I really wanted to step up their womenswear and a more more to it. I was running to the factory all of the time and doing mockups trying to get the designs together. I'm pretty excited that I got the opportunity to design for clothing brand. I learned so much through this whole process. 
Visit for more information.
It was pretty nice to be in full control. I chose what would be in the second collection. I choose the color of the fabric, the models, location and more. 
Thanks to Everyone 
Marcus & Leisa Timmons - Creators 
Creative Director - Willie Sparks 
Photographer - Alex Owen
Hair/MUA - Krystal Chavarin 
Models - Amelia, Hallie, Darrion
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