Spring Spirit

Happy Monday everyone!
Growing up in Chicago I have learned to enjoy and revel in Los Angeles's warm weather. So today's look is going to be more of a spring/summer look. Thankfully, with the weather here, I can still dress like it's spring. Most people may fall into this trend of wearing dark colors during this time of year, but when it comes to your personal style it's okay to break the rules, the trick is simply to own it!. For example, the white jeans I'm wearing give the rest of my crisp clean look. I'm pretty sure you've seen what Solange Knowles and guests wore at her wedding! You guessed it: White! And guess what? They looked amazing! As a big fan of denim, I feel like the white jeans sit well with the overall appearance. In this look I paired them with my slip-on dress shoes.

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Shirt - Abercrombie 
Jeans - Club Monaco
Shoes - Steve Madden
Bookbag - H&M
Photographer - Alex Owen


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