Street Chic?

Happy Wednesday everyone! 
It's nice to see all of the photos from everyone's experience at fashion week. I had the opportunity to attend but I decided to pass on the offer this time because I have just been too busy with all the projects going on at the moment! So much to do and so little time, next year for sure!

Now let's get on to what we've been waiting for. In today's post, I'm wearing this pretty cool, and light oversized shirt. I love blue jeans but I try to broaden my pallet and put more color into my wardrobe. So I decided to pair the sweater up with these slim fit burgundy pants. Gives off a kind of warmth yet maintains a rugged . The beanie helps give the look a more rugged appearance  You can also play with the look by adding a bracelet like the one im wearing and the shoes can either be dressed up in a variety of occasions. Sometimes I think the shoes can really make an outfit.

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Beanie - Cotton on
Shirt - H&M
Jeans - Tilly's 
Shoes - Van
Bracelet - bought in Paris
Photography By - Alex Owen


  1. Style your outfit ! I like Vans



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