I'm so Fancy

Cheers to the weekend!
Any fun plans? 

So I've always dressed preppy, but If the weather permitted, I'd dress more like this.
I've always been attracted to that New York upper east side look. How'd you think I pulled it off?

I'm wearing a slim fit blazer with a collard shirt underneath, do you love my bowtie? I love bowties! Especially really bright ones, it'll make your whole outfit pop.
I love prep shorts and the color is so versatile that I can pretty much wear them for any occasion. My suede slip-ons instantly compliments the overall look.

How'd you think I pulled it off? 
Do you think I have a shot at being a cast member on gossip girl? Ha! 
Have a nice weekend everyone enjoy the summer while it's still here.

Blazer- Topman
Collard Shirt- Topman
Bow tie - 
Belt - Urban Outfitters
Prep Short - Abercrombie & Fitch
Shoes - Steve Madden

Photography - Alex Owen 


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