Happy August 1! Can you believe summer is almost over? Crazy right?  

So this time around I decided to dress pretty light. I'm wearing this pretty cool sweater that really stood out to me for its colored wool. I didn't want to look or feel too warm so I paired it with some acid washed swimming trunks which I think give it a fun summer look. You'll see many of my posts where I'm mixing & matching light sweaters & swimming trunks together it's kind of my thing. Ha!

The shoes I'm wearing are just some casual shoes I bought as a last minute purchase having been needed shoes at the time but they came in handy for several occasions.

Well that's all today thanks for reading! Make sure you subscribe and come back for more awesome post.

Sweater - Diesel
Trunks - Asos
Shoes - Steve Madden
Photo by Alex Owen


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